Ganesh Pendant with Multi Gemstone and Rudraksha

Ganesh Pendant with Multi Gemstone and Rudraksha

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Size: Measures around neck to bottom of pendant at 30”. Ganesh Pendant is 1”
Beads: 8mm Rudraksha, Gems are 8, 6 and 4mm.

(ONE OF A KIND) This Ganesha necklace was made with the intention of bringing out his energies of Spontaneous Celebration while supporting you in removing all obstacles in your path. A wonderful mala to begin 2019 as you set your intentions for another cycle around the sun.

Smoky Quartz - grounding, protective, powerful healer.
Gold Rutilated Quartz - amplifies the power of intention
Sunstone Citrine - happiness, creativity, leadership
Peridot - blissful relationships
Rudraksha - After 1000 years of meditation, Shiva’s tears of bliss landed on the ground and a rudraksha tree grew. Energizing and healing to the whole body

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