Topaz & Spinel Choker

Topaz & Spinel Choker


Golden Topaz: The “Stone of Love and Good Fortune” Topaz is a vibrant and luxurious stone that radiates love, gentleness and is regarded as the most wonderful stone one can gift to themselves due to its self love properties as it recharges us physically and spiritually. Energies from the sun, Topaz is soothing, healing, recharging and beneficial for intentions, visualizations, meditation etc. connecting with your higher path, confidence and self worth.

Spinel is a wonderful revitalizing stone, releasing stress and worry while replenishing depleted energy. It is one of the most powerful protective stones, helping the body release poisons, clearing out the root causes of problems at the deepest level.

Perhaps due to its black colour, it is attributed to bringing forward one’s innate possibilities. The word Spinel comes from the Latin word Spina which refers to its formation as sharp spines. Sharp like a knife - the intellect of addressing things properly, of bringing new ideas and possibilities out into the world and of returning to it’s original positive state.

Sizing and Fitting:
Measures 15” clasp to clasp.

Stones and Features: High quality gemstones are used. Average stone size is 3- 4mm. Gold spacers are 24k gold filled. Due to the natural variance of gemstones, your piece will be made in the exact format as the listing however there may be slight differences in the coloring.

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