Self Love Mala: Moonstone, Rose Quartz with Ruby & Rudraksha

Self Love Mala: Moonstone, Rose Quartz with Ruby & Rudraksha


I think this may be my favorite recreation of a “self love” themed mala yet. My ideal stones for a deep heart healing mala have always included moonstone, rose quartz and ruby as they are light and ultra feminine. I added Rudraksha as a symbol of Love & Truth as our highest spiritual path and for its energy generating capacity. The pendant is a cluster of hand wrapped moonstones & rubies with a beautiful heart charm.

Moonstone: Deeply feminine, sensual and healing, bringing you into the mystery of what lies within us as her shining light points us deep into ourselves to unveil our true nature. Moonstone is protective and nurturing, especially to the female reproductive system, soothing emotions, harmonizing intimate relationships and evoking gentleness towards oneself. It is a quintessential stone of the Goddess - symbolizing spiritual purity having transcended the illusion of separation.

Rose Quartz: The stone of the heart and Unconditional Love. Compassion, warmth, healing, tenderness, and femininity; drawing all the qualities of the Divine Mother. Rose Quartz supports us in dissolving all wounds of the heart, revealing the Love that is eternally showering upon us as we shift our perception from hurt towards the deeper revealing of who we are. Rose quartz inspires love of beauty, of self and others as it supports one to make peace with how love has shown up in life and enabling genuine self love to flow again.

Ruby: The “Queen of Stones” Ruby has always been a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. Ruby increases vitality, our life force energy and has a reputation among many cultures as having inconceivable qualities/powers due to its intensity and thus highly is revered. Ruby return a sense of power to the wearer, assisting in concentration, motivation, and self confidence. Ruby returns us to pleasure and enjoyment of life, of love and helps to heal exhaustion. It may even be used to activate Kundalini. Because it is a stone of Love, it is supportive for all relationships, including mystical communion. Physically, it is healing to the heart and blood.

Rudraksha: Described as the bliss tears of Sadashiva (Supreme Being) that rolled from Sadashivas cheeks from the state of total bliss of Samadhi and fell to the earth. They are a direct link to the bliss dimension. All heartache and suffering comes from the delusion of separateness with each other and source. Spiritual seekers have worn Rudraksha for millennia due to its cosmic energy giving qualities in support of their awakening and enlightenment. They are protective and charged! The most common is the 5 face mukhi - considered to be beneficial for your health, calming, peaceful and helping the wearer to gain control over human instincts like lust, anger, greed, ego etc…

Construction, Size and Fitting:
Meticulously hand knotted with Love. Once you experience the feel of a hand knotted piece, you never go back! Created with 132 beads of 8mm, 6mm and Rondelles.
This mala measures approx: 18” from bottom of cluster pendant to the top.

Details & Packaging: All Mikala Jewelry comes wrapped in a lovely reclaimed Sari drawstring pouch, created through a project supporting women and children in India, while also minimizing our impact on the earth through unnecessary packaging. All gold embellishments are 24k gold filled or plated over 98% pure silver, handmade and shipped directly a woman’s tribe in Thailand.

Care of your Jewelry: Like all fine jewelry, these pieces are not meant to be worn to bed or in water (shower/pool/lake) as this will place stress on the threads and metals used. I stand by my creations, so provided care is taken by you, I will always accommodate, should something unexpected arise. To energy cleanse your mala, leave in a sunny spot for an hour or overnight in the full moonlight once a month. Crystal bowl cleansing is also wonderful, using sacred sound to cleanse and charge! You will know your mala needs a refresh of energy because it will not look as radiant as it can. The more love and attention you give to the crystals and the wisdom they offer, the more they radiate and shower upon you.

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