Moonstone & Labradorite Choker

Moonstone & Labradorite Choker

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Labradorite: A “Stone of Magic” for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. beautiful for self discovery and enhancing spiritual / psychic abilities as well as being one of the most powerful protectors! Labradorite also increases hand sensitivity and compliments all who use their hands to heal, in their various healing arts. Courtesy, Ease, Temperance, Inner Strength, Shaman, Healer, Awakening.

Moonstone: Moonstone is deeply feminine, sensual and healing, bringing you into the mystery of what lies within us as her shining light points us deep into ourselves to unveil our true nature. Moonstone is protective and nurturing, especially to the female reproductive system, soothing emotions, harmonizing intimate relationships and evoking gentleness towards oneself. It is a quintessential stone of the Goddess - symbolizing spiritual purity having transcended the illusion of separation.

Sizing and Fitting:
Measures 15” clasp to clasp.

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