Emerald & Moonstone Choker

Emerald & Moonstone Choker

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The soul cannot help but be stirred and romanced by the brilliance of Emerald. Known as the Seeker of Love and the Revealer of Truth, Emerald is one of the four precious gemstones including Diamond, Ruby And Sapphire.

Called the stone of Successful Love, Emerald opens and nurtures the Heart Chakra. It is a vibrant, vital gem ensuring security in love, especially when Love stirs up our deepest vulnerabilities. It embodies patience, contentment and loyalty. Unity, computation and unconditional love.

Emerald is a primary stone used in talismans for over six thousand years for its ability to enhance vision, wisdom and protection. A Goddess stone, dedicated to Venus as well as Thoth and Queen Cleopatra.

Emerald was first translated from Sanskrit as Marakata, meaning “the green of growing things” and truly, the green of all Nature is reflected in this magnificent gem.

Emerald revives passion, aligns the use of right words, restores self esteem especially in the younger generation and invigorates spiritual inquiry and ones Dharma.

Physically, it is revitalizes the whole body, heals and strengthens the heart, organs and eyesight.

Moonstone: A deeply feminine, sensual and healing, bringing you into the mystery of what lies within us as her shining light points us deep into ourselves to unveil our true nature. Moonstone is protective and nurturing, especially to the female reproductive system, soothing emotions, harmonizing intimate relationships and evoking gentleness towards oneself. It is a quintessential stone of the Goddess - symbolizing spiritual purity having transcended the illusion of separation.

Sizing and Fitting:
Measures 15” clasp to clasp.

Stones and Features: High quality A, AA, AAA gemstones are used. Average stone size is 3- 4mm. Gold spacers are 24k gold filled. Due to the natural variance of gemstones, your piece will be made in the exact format as the listing however there may be slight differences in the coloring.

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