Awakening the source of your true power?

It is with an awakened heart that we access the depth of inner fire and energy available to us so that we can step forward to serve humanity in a way that feels authentic to our lives.

A Custom Mikala Mala is a symbol and talisman to support you during times of self initiation and change as you courageously step into the next evolution of your soul's creative purpose.

Custom mala talismans are intended to support you in:

  • making Courageous decisions

  • inspiring Truth & Power

  • sharing your Gifts

  • honoring your Inner Knowing

  • deepening your Spiritual Connection

  • fanning the flame of Self Love

  • connecting with your Soul Tribe and Sisterhood

  • enriching humanity by Creating your highest reality

Each mala is handcrafted using genuine gemstones and beads sourced from around the world and from ethical suppliers when available. Mikala custom malas are created during the day in sunlight, whenever possible. After your custom beads are chosen, they are cleansed in moonlight and sunlight for several days prior to the creation process. Then, they are strung or hand knotted in a sacred and spirit guided space. The journey & creation process usually takes around 4-5 weeks.

Your custom designed MiKA 108 mala bead necklace includes:

  1. Unlimited communication during the creation process.

  2. Guidance on the themes and essence that reflects YOU.

  3. High quality gemstones (A, AA, AAA) and vegan construction

  4. Your choice of pendant / tassel / cluster
    (within mala pricing range)

  5. Reclaimed sari pouch for safe keeping when traveling

Working to develop my mala with Monica was a beautiful process. She was inquisitive, asking such insightful questions, helping me further process what I had been discovering within my journey and wanted to symbolize in my mala.

She offered me fantastic choices for crystals that not only accurately symbolized my journey and where I’m headed, but surprised me as her interpreting my journey helped me realize how far I truly have come!

It was such a pleasure working with Monica. A truly amazing experience. And my mala... Well! What can I say? It’s perfection and a truly powerful piece. I’m totally in love!
— Maggie Andrews
I would absolutely recommend anyone who is looking for a custom , personal piece to work with Monica. She took great care and consideration in the discovery of exactly what I wanted. My Mala turned out amazing and has an incredible energy that I draw on everyday.
— Kristine de Blois
I just received my stunning custom mala and I am blown away by its beauty and also how amazing it feels to wear! Monica was a pure delight to work with - she truly has your best interest at heart and helps guide your vision to create a beautiful work of art. Plus, she is very responsive and communicative during the whole process.

I feel so lucky to have this gorgeous mala infused with amazing energy to wear for the birth of daughter and I will always treasure it (maybe I will even pass it on to my daughters if they have babies I would highly recommend Monica’s incredible malas to anyone wanting to gift themselves or a loved one a beautiful treasure that they will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you!
— Katherine Jassmann Trowbridge