Custom Hand Knotted Mala Beads

Custom Hand Knotted Mala Beads


It is with an awakened heart that we access the depth of inner fire and energy available to us so that we can step forward to serve humanity in a way that feels authentic to our lives.

A Custom MiKA Mala is a symbol and talisman to support you during times of self initiation & change as you boldly & confidently step into your soul's creative purpose.

Each mala is handcrafted using genuine gemstones and beads sourced from ethical suppliers around the world. All MiKA malas are created during the day, and ideally, in sunlight. After your custom beads are chosen, they are cleansed in water, then in moonlight and then in sunlight for several days prior to the creation process. Then, they are strung or hand knotted from a sacred and spirit guided space. A custom mala journey takes between 4-5 weeks, from exploring your theme, discovering the beads, having them shipped and then creating the mala. Its generally about 7-10 hours of focused work.

Your custom designed MiKA 108 mala bead necklace includes

  • Unlimited messaging during the creation process.

  • Guided "Self Initiation" on the themes and essence that reflects YOU.

  • ethically sourced high quality gemstones / or wood beads / or both

  • Your choice of pendant

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