Citrine & Quartz Choker with Peridot

Citrine & Quartz Choker with Peridot


Clear Quartz: The master healer of crystals, clear quartz amplifies the energies of all other crystals and responds to thought, declaration and intention, thus becoming a powerful ally in your spiritual path when consciously using quartz for this purpose. It is supportive to the whole body, and any condition. Considered the be the supreme gift from mother earth; each piece holding the energies of the master healer and ready to communicate with those open and willing to receive.

Known as the “true Topaz” in the Ancient world, Peridot and Diamond are the only two gems formed under extreme heat (molten rock) and brought to the surface though earthquakes and volcanoes. It radiates warmth and well-being as well as protective, driving away negative forces as well as overcoming /transcending the many lower & false identities we hold about ourselves, promoting responsibility, forgiveness and self worth. Peridot has a frequency of “increase” thus being supportive in manifesting abundance in all areas of life.

Personal power, decision making, creativity, imagination - Citrine is a gemstone of overflow and good fortune, never holding negative energies and a powerful ally to clear your mind & heart and take action. Manifestation, prosperity, happiness, joy, stamina and strengthening inner light making it a wonderful support for those with a tendency towards sadness or melancholy. Solar plexus, sacral and crown chakra’s are all energized by the life force coming from the golden rays of Citrine, helping one to bring dreams into form and embrace the fullness of life, new beginnings and creative pursuits.

Sizing and Fitting:

This choker measures 15” clasp to clasp.

To determine your perfect size, please take a string around your neck to the desired position and mark where the ends touch. Please note that this is a choker style necklace and should be fitted against the neck above the collarbone. Next, measure the string end to end. If your sizing is bigger than the noted size above, please let me know your size in the “additional notes” section upon checkout and I can customize for you.

Details & Packaging: All Mikala Jewelry comes wrapped in a lovely reclaimed Sari drawstring pouch, created through a project supporting women and children in India, while also minimizing our impact on the earth through unnecessary packaging. All gold embellishments are 24k plated over 98% pure silver, handmade and shipped directly a woman’s tribe in Thailand.

Care of your Jewelry: Like all fine jewelry, these pieces are not meant to be worn to bed or in water (shower/pool/lake) as this will place stress of the clasp/closure and risk a premature break and potentially tarnish the embellishments. I stand by my creations, so provided care is taken by you, I will always accommodate, should something unexpected arise.

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