Aquamarine & Sunstone Choker

Aquamarine & Sunstone Choker


Very simple and elegant, these two stones were dancing to be placed together. I obtained some gorgeous Sunstone in various shapes that you will see in this collection. The Sunstone cube at the center with extra gold beads along the side make such an impact while still keeping this necklace light and summery.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine is deeply calming and cleansing, just like basking in pure water. It invigorates, refreshes and renews. Aquamarine is linked to communication, leading us deeper and deeper into Truth, helping us to lovingly clear emotional patterns so that we shift into a more powerful state of being. A powerful state that is stable, clear and fluid so that we choose wisely the thoughts and words we say to ourselves and others. Aquamarine assists one to bring their higher self forward; your AUTHENTIC Natural self that eternally resides within you beyond the masks and false identities we carry. Aquamarine, it is also a wonderful stone to receive divine communication and vision as it has been used by prophets, shamans, mystics and healers for thousands of years. When the heart’s higher truth is breathed through the Word, we can powerfully transform others; bringing deep healing and creating our reality as we wish it to be.

Sunstone: Personal power, freedom and expanded consciousness; sunstone carries the energy of the sun and thus, makes it a stone of leadership, service and blessings. Sunstone invites happiness, enthusiasm and enjoyment for life. Sunstone is a source of strength when we feel emotionally drained, moving through loss or experiencing professional stress. Because it carries the rays of the sun, Its also helpful in lifting depression. Spiritually, Sunstone is a magnet for enhancing, enriching energies and gently unhooks the wearer from draining or possessive energies. It offers the confidence to sing your own tune and to walk your own path, melting fears and the illusion of unworthiness. It is a powerful clearer of all the chakras.

Sizing and Fitting:
This choker measures 15” clasp to clasp.

To determine your perfect size, please take a string around your neck to the desired position and mark where the ends touch. Please note that this is a choker style necklace and should be fitted against the neck above the collarbone. Next, measure the string end to end. If your sizing is bigger than the noted size above, please let me know your size in the “additional notes” section upon checkout and I can customize for you.

Details & Packaging: All Mikala Jewelry comes wrapped in a lovely reclaimed Sari drawstring pouch, created through a project supporting women and children in India, while also minimizing our impact on the earth through unnecessary packaging. All gold embellishments are 24k plated over 98% pure silver, handmade and shipped directly a woman’s tribe in Thailand.

Care of your Jewelry: Like all fine jewelry, these pieces are not meant to be worn to bed or in water (shower/pool/lake) as this will place stress of the clasp/closure and risk a premature break and potentially tarnish the embellishments. I stand by my creations, so provided care is taken by you, I will always accommodate, should something unexpected arise.

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